shot 5 complete.png

A furniture gallery in the heart of the arts district...

During the day, the design must function as a premiere furniture gallery for Kansas City. By night, it must seamlessly serve as a hub for local cultural events with the locals. The structure must become a spectacle as a branding technique to garner patrons as well as to add to the cultural vernacular of the district.

What if I made the whole thing a giant forest?!
— Will, at some point

Why a forest?

It works like a skin that serves as an appropriate backdrop for the furniture. The gallery must have ample natural light but must not establish clear views of the city as it would detract from the merchandise, thus the forest abstracts the city. It must also present a backdrop for the furniture that mimics the common materiality of homes so patrons can appropriately plan. Lastly, it becomes a spectacle to become a venue for social interaction.

What if I designed it with a publicly accessible green roof?!
— Will, at some point making it harder for himself

How should i connect a green roof to sloping glazing?

Very meticulously, as I discovered. By positioning the connection point of the glazing away from the concrete waffle slab via an aluminum curtain wall connection, I was able to improve the weather seal as well as provide room for interior lighting to be tucked away in the void.